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I’ve been a professional drummer for several years now, and during this time I’ve had the privilege of performing at some of the world’s finest venues.


Brixton Academy (UK), Tokyo Orchard Hall (Japan), Saint Petersburg Arena (Russia), Berliner Festspiele (Germany), Théâtre Paris Villette (France), Grand Theatre of Hong Kong (China) and Palau Sant Jordi (Spain) are among the places I’ve toured, sharing the stage with national and international artists and bands of all kinds, from the most forceful Heavy Metal through Funk, Dance, Blues, Soul, Electronic and World Music to the most relaxing, original version Pop songs.


My work isn’t limited to the stage; I also have a long career as a studio musician behind me, with over 50 recordings.


I’ll highlight a few of the numerous artists and bands I’ve performed with, both live and in the studio:


Sergey Lazarev (Russia), Hofesh Shechter Company (UK), Carlos Sadness (Spain), Ronnie Canada (US), Gertrudis (Spain), Mike Kennedy (Germany), Rebecka Brown (Spain), Connie Lynch (UK), Romanthica (Spain), Larry Ray ( US), Veronique Bolsa (France), Rose Moore (US), Treepoli (Spain), Da igual (Spain), Clarence Bekker (Holland), Canciones de Nadie (Spain), Illa Carolina (Spain), Maranta (Spain), Minova (Spain), Yolanda Sikara (Spain), E. Billy Thompson (US), Carlos de France (Spain), De cara a la pared (Spain), Raúl Araya (Spain), Tony Baena (Spain), Sheila Weaver ( US), Mattieu Jiménez (France), Charles Rolle (US), Eléctric Vailets (Spain), The Cannibal Queen (Spain), Antonio Romera y la Santa Margarita (Argentina), Catalounge (Spain), Edward Wade (US), PG Band (Spain), See (Spain), Dámaris Martinez (US), Edu Quindós (Spain) and The Bazaga’s (Spain).


I’m passionate about drums, music and the stage… I hope to see you soon!

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